Ruby stone in Pakistan

Ruby stone in Pakistan is a traditional birthstone of July that belongs to the most precious gems. It is among hard gems and its hardness is close to diamonds. Ruby stone is originally found in many countries like Pakistan, Russia, Mexico, Mogok, Thailand, Tanzania, Afghanistan, and China.Ruby stone in pakistan is found in a variety of colors from pink to blood-red, light red, and brownish-red. Both the color and transparency make Ruby the unique and rare. The rarest type of Ruby is named as star ruby because it contains a six-ray star shape that moves inside when the stone is moved. It is also known as dove or pigeon blood due to its resemblance with the blood color of dove or pigeon. Ruby stone in Pakistan is commonly used in all types of jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Ruby stone when combined with any other gemstone in a piece of jewelry, brings love and passion between two people due to which it is ideally chosen as a gift on engagements. The tradition of giving Ruby as a gift on the 15th or 40th marriage anniversary is most popular.


Properties of Ruby Stone in Pakistan

Due to its eye-catching appearance, Ruby stone in pakistan is attributed to various interesting descriptions such as “a drop of the heart’s blood of Mother Earth”, “the gem of gems” and “the lord of gemstones” and “a dearly loved gem”. Ruby stone in pakistan is widely considered as the symbol of power, love, courage, and passion. It is generally believed that Ruby stone  helps to develop intellectual capabilities and leadership skills, increases energy level and concentration span. Moreover, Ruby stone  has also been used as healing power against poison and other diseases such as fever, blood pressure, and liver problems in history. This precious gem helps to release stress and build positive thoughts about oneself, hence, a good source to overcome depression.

Where to find Ruby stone in Pakistan

Real Gemstone Ruby and Rubylite Collection from Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan. We also have Treated and Heated Ruby stone available in different sizes and shapes. Pure and original lab-tested Ruby from Hunza, Gilgit is also available which is non-Heated and non- Treated with good clarity and clear loop.

Due to its hardness, Ruby is durable if proper care is taken. Ruby should not be exposed to harsh chemicals as well as should not be worn when doing rough work. Keeping it in a fabric-lined box is recommended and should not be kept with other gems as it may scratch them due to its hard nature. Moreover, Ruby stone can be cleaned with soapy water and brush as well as with jewelry cleanser. Drying the stone after cleaning is mandatory. Ruby proves to be long-lasting if it is taken care of.