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Food is visibly and undoubtedly the most vital thing on earth to keep us alive. It does not just keep us alive but the food is strength. It is responsible for physical, temperamental and mental state. Food is also believed to have medicinal miracles for food treats various illnesses termed as traditional/desi food system particularly eaten to treat certain diseases.

Traditional/desi food system for treatment dates back from Aryan civilization who termed food as wisdom because we eat different food at different ages and life stages to sustain normal physiological functions.
The traditional food-belief system is still alive. It’s not just alive but widely practiced across the world.

Traditional/desi foods for treatment are prepared through different techniques such as
sprouting, malting, and fermentation.

Traditional/Desi Food for Treatment

  • The miraculous Traditional/desi food system works as
  • heals the body from illnesses
  • washes off toxic chemicals from the body
  • treats respiratory problems
  • provides relief from terminal problems
  • works as an anti-oxidant to fight against aging
  • helps in weight management
  • balances blood sugar level
  • Balances blood pressure
  • supports body immunity

Where to buy desi treated Food

Gilgit Bazar provides you with resources that can come handy for home remedies Desi Treatment Gilgit Pakistan to cure for ailments and address personal hygiene, health problems. These comprise taking benefits from fruits, herbs, vegetables, dry fruits, dates, etc.

For instance, Dates are recommended to use for breaking fast during the time. Olive oil, Zaitoon ka Tail is used for cooking. Espagnol is best for intestines and stomach. You are linked to take benefits from all right here from our resources for home remedies Desi Treatment Gilgit Pakistan including Neem, Akhrot, Walnut, Badam, Almond, Dhania, Coriander, Shahtoot, carrot, grapes, garlic, pudina, mint, kalonji,  Aalo Bukhara, pear fruit, peach, lemongrass, custard apple, onion, fig, pomegranate, anaar, orange, lemon, olive oil, guava, tomato, grapefruit, etc. Our focus is to provide health benefits too to our clients by accumulating the best of resources for home remedies Desi Treatment Gilgit Pakistan.

We all know that due to inorganic food items, poor eating habits and lack of physical exertion e.g. workouts, exercises, etc. people usually suffer from acidity, joints pain, arthritis, colds, constipation, migraines, diabetes, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, gout, hyperacidity, hair loss, etc. These home remedies Desi Treatment Gilgit Pakistan related sources are key for you to overcome all of these if taken in the appropriate manner and as per your tendency.  

People due to the side effects of allopathic are now inclining towards these options due to their organic nature. People with the passage of time have realized the importance of natural and organic food in this artificial life. That is why we have specifically incorporated resources for home remedies Desi Treatment Gilgit Pakistan on our website so that you can make the most and the best from them using as per the tendency of your body. 


salajeet is found in the rocky Himalayas. It develops from the decomposition of plants after many centuries. salajeet is proven to be a useful medicine for many diseases. Some of the benefits of salajeet against many diseases are as follow:

  • Anemia

Anemia, iron deficiency results either due to poor diet, blood loss or inability of iron absorption by the human body. Anemia is common in women compared to men. Anemia results in weakness, headache, irregular heartbeat and fatigue. salajeet may help in increasing the iron level gradually.

  • Aging

Due to fulvic acid in the salajeet, it may help to reduce cellular damage and the slow aging process.

  • Infertility

Salajeet is said to be medically-proven beneficial in the treatment of infertility in men.

  • Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder causing problems with memory and thinking. There are many medical treatments available for this disease, however, some medical specialists also suggest salajeet to treat this disease due to its chemical composition.

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) causes extreme tiredness and fatigue, thus having a huge impact on daily activities such as office work, domestic work, and study. Researchers think that salajeet supplements may improve energy levels and reduce CFS.

  • Low testosterone level

Low testosterone levels in men cause hair loss, fatigue, increased body fat, and low sex drive. Testosterone is a male sex hormone and some men have a lower level of hormones than normal. Pure salajeet is proven beneficial in increasing the level of testosterone.

  • High altitude sickness

High altitude sickness is caused by the low air pressure and temperature or the high wind blow. It has many symptoms including body pain, pulmonary edema, and tiredness. Due to the unique mineral combination in the salajeet, it is highly useful to reduce high altitude sickness.

Salajeet is believed to be highly productive in improving immunity and body strength, thus, fighting against many of the above-mentioned health problems. Salajeet is found in both powder and liquid form. The daily usage differs in both forms therefore, consulting the doctor before taking Salajeet is suggested.

It is highly recommended to use only a purified form of salajeet as in raw form it may contain heavy metal ions and other contamination that is not good for health. Some people may have an allergy to salajeet, therefore, do not take salajeet if you feel dizziness, abnormal heartbeat, and rashes on the skin.

Found in mountains, the salajeet is now available in our store.

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