Sulemani Aqeeq Stone GB 05 3094

7 Benefits Of Sulemani Aqeeq Stone.

  1. Aqeeq strong is that it creates joy in the heart, is good for eyesight
  2. Aqeeq gemstone may wear by anyone it has no side effect even it gives positive energy.
  3. Wearing Aqeeq brings several benefits with it, be it physical, emotional or financial. It guards against danger, wearers work with alert and temperate nature.
  4. It absorbs the rays of the sun and passes these onto the body.
  5. Aqeeq Stone will also protect you from enemies.
  6. Aqeeq Stone enhances mental health by improving concentration, analytic abilities and perception.
  7. Aqeeq Stone Also known to protect against rivalries and jealousy, Aqeeq is good to use for overall stability in life. Absorbing the rays of the sun and passing into the body, Aqeeq Stone works miraculously for health.



  • Origin :           Gilgit-Baltistan
  • Treatment :        Non
  • Type :            Stone
  • Composition :      Natural


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