Aqeeq Stone in Pakistan

Aqeeq stone in Pakistan is a gemstone with lots of variations. It is a mineral belongs to the quartz family. it is famous for different names like Agates in English, Achates, Akile, etc.



Where is Aqeeq stone found?

Aqeeq stone in Pakistan is found in various parts of the world but the more shaped and colored, varieties, which make the stone famous, come from yamen, India, Germany, etc. this stone is most favored in the Arabia market usually ranges from bright organ to reddish organ known as liver color in the region.

You can wear it on the right hand left but mostly preferred that wearing in the right hand is best. Aqeeq ring has also religious importance in Islam, as it is considered sunnah to wear.

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Aqeeq Stone in Pakistan HAS FOLLOWING BENEFITS 

  • Creative and intellectual
  • For peace of mind
  • Considering good luck charm
  • Emotional benefits
  • Instilling sincerity
  • Providing protection
  • Sense of security

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