The beautiful Aquamarine is the birthstone of the astrological sign of Gemini and it expresses the energy of the month of March. Aquamarine is also the birthstone of the Chinese zodiac sign of Ox

If you feel drawn to the soothing and wise energy of aquamarine, you can purchase either a small stone or a form of Aquamarine jewelry to enhance your personal energy. It got its name from the color of its nature i.e. seawater. It is used to make adornments while some cultures use for healing from spiritual diseases and to ward of fear.

Here are some benefits of Aquamarine

  • Heals emotional trauma.
  • Cools high temper and conflict.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Help get in touch with suppressed emotions.
  • Brings peace.
  • Clears the mind.
  • Calms the heart.
  • Help speak the truth.
  • Strengthens psychic abilities.