We also have vast varaiety of Natural Gemstone Pendants uncut and Non Treated. Most of the people donot want to wear rings in hands for that we offer pendants both in Pure and Heated Forms, 

Pendants looks amazing when you wear it. In antient times when people migrate from one town to another they give pendants as a symbol of care, the reason behind it was it emits rays which refelects to your body and naturally it goes for laser treatment, like for kidney patient most the the people use Emerald because it resist negative rays inside the body and also from outside which results to the laser treatment of the kidneys.

Pure Gemstone Pendants

Do you like colors? Make your life more colorful with the exquisite collection of handpicked gemstone pendants.There's the amethyst purple, the aquamarine blue, the emerald green, the citrine yellow, the ruby red, and a lot of colored vibrance.

Gemstone pendant designs are designed with your good tastes and preferences in mind. You can be sure you'll discover something you'd love to show off not just on unique occasions, but every day. Gemstone pendants are versatile pieces of jewelry that match every clothing and complement your wardrobe with every color in our collection.