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Khaadi is the No. 1 Lawn Brand of Pakistan among all top Pakistani Lawn & Designer Clothing, without any doubt. Established by Shamoon Sultan, this brand has been launched in the Ladies Lawn range as a specialist in "hand-woven" technical products.

Now Khaadi is among the top fashion brands in Pakistan with 43 plus stores throughout the country and around the world. This success speaks volume of the quality they offer as they have been in business only since 1999. They succeeded in establishing a brand with a global presence within a short span.

They got all the items sold out within 2 weeks when they opened their first store in Karachi and had to close the store to restock again. Reason for Khaadi's Success is their clients, who sang their praises that enabled them to gain recognition and more clients.

They launched the Khaadi Online Store after being so successful now. A complete shop with Stiched, Unstiched Lawn & Pret's impressive range of wear. It also offers wear for men, clothing for children, shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories for fashion.

Beautiful Khaadi Suits from Gilgit Bazar Online Store at Affordable Prices

Every year for each season, Khaadi launches the latest Khaadi Lawn Collection and the response is always great. Social media does an impressive job of tempting women before new designs are launched and brought into shops. Women can't wait to see and choose their favorite colors and designs through online catalogs. Online shopping allows women to buy or book their favorite clothes immediately.

Therefore, they don't wait in the dedicated stores for the latest designs to be showcased and buy them as soon as they are available online. In the Khaadi Online Store, the latest Khaadi Lawn designs are made up of 2 pieces, 4 pieces and 5 pieces. The collections unstitched and Pret have eye-catching, attractive and modern designs.

Their unparalleled prints in Pakistan have gained tremendous popularity among women. Khaadi Lawn portrays elegance and is therefore loved by the trendy women of today.

They have an incredible variety of eye-catching kurtas that will enhance your looks and personality significantly. Simply put ... If you love fashion and style, Gilgit Bazar Online Store is the perfect choice for you. The variety they offer is hard to beat, from high-quality fabric to unparalleled designs. Check out Khaadi's huge online collection and get your hands on today's favorite design. You're going to be happy to have done it!

Khaadi Suits Latest Lawn Collection of Year 2019

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