Opal stone in Pakistan

Opal stone in Pakistan, like other parts of the world, is the birthstone for the month of October , along with pink tourmaline. The name opal is said to be from a Sanskrit word “Upala” meaning “precious stone,”. The origin of the word is also traced to the Greek word “Opallios,” meaning “to see a change of color”.


Opal is commonly called the Queen of Gemstones. It is soft and delicate in nature containing many colors. Opal is found in wood, bone and fossilized shell. It cannot survive for thousands of years due to which it cannot be found in ancient sites. A good quality opal can be identified by the quality of its transparency. Opal is found in countries such as Slovakia, Brazil, Canada, Britain, Mexico, Australia, and the USA.


History has created a big misunderstanding about opal stone and in case if you have also heard that and by any chance, you believe in it, let's clear out your misunderstanding first. For many decades in the history of West, opal was believed to brings bad luck and misfortune. This is a total myth generated by people due to their wrong interpretation of a story related to opal in a bestselling novel, Anne of Feuerstein, in 1829. Due to this misunderstanding, people had stopped buying jewelry containing opal in it, thus, devaluing the beauty and great characteristics of this gemstone for many years.  Opal got its worth back in the market when a black opal was found in South Wales, Australia in 1877. Since then, Australia is the main source of black and white opal in the world.


Luckily, the myth about opal being the source of bad luck is not believed by many in Asia, rather, it is believed to be the symbol of hope. Opal is also related to religious beliefs and was used as an amulet to fight against diseases of the eye. It is believed to strengthen the immune system and give great power to eyes and minds.

Opal is also believed to be the symbol of justice, harmony, loyalty, faithfulness, self-esteem, courage, and positive emotions. This unique gem also is said to help in improving memory, ease childbirth and purify blood in the body. It is commonly given as a gift to the celebration of the 14th year of marriage.

Unlike Ruby, opal needs some good care to last long due to its delicacy. Opal should not be kept with other hard gems.  Putting opal in oil or any other chemicals also reduces its value. Opal contains some amount of water, thus it may crack if got too much dry. Also, it should not be kept in a vault or bank for a longer period because dehumidifiers are used in vaults. Keeping opal in water for some hours from time to time may help to keep it safe from dryness