Dinner Set

Bone China Dinner Set

Bone china dinner sets typically feature a combination of dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, cups, and saucers. They often include other serving pieces such as platters and serving bowls. Bone china is a type of fine china that is made from a mixture of clay and animal bone ash. it is known for its bright white color translucent quality and durability. They are valued for their delicate appearance. Most sets are made of ceramic or porcelain though some are also made of glass or plastic. They usually come in four or more sets but can also be purchased individually. Many sets also include a teapot and cups for tea or coffee drinking

Bone china is a viral material for this type of set as it is strong and lightweight. The pattern and design of the group will vary depending on the manufacturer.

Bone china dinner set price in Pakistan

The bone china dinner set price in Pakistan can range from around 3,000 Pkr to upwards of 20,000 Pkr depending on the brand, design, and number of pieces and vary greatly depending on the quality. A basic set with a few pieces may cost around 1500 Pkr rupees while a more elaborate set with many pieces can cost up to 1,000 Pkr rupees. Bone china dinner set price in Pakistan of a basic 16-piece dinner set can cost anywhere from 4k to 15k price for a high-quality dinner set can range from 20k to 40k. so Gilgit bazaar also offers a reasonable price of bone china dinner set in Pakistan.