Feroza stone in Pakistan

Feroza Stone in Pakistan (Turquoise) is not only one of the oldest gemstones known to humanity but also among the widely used gemstones. It is blue, somewhat blue-green in color, however, pure blue Feroza is mostly liked by people. It is a birthstone for the month of December. Its English name turquoise is a French word meaning Turkish because it had arrived in Europe through Turkey from Iran.

Benefits Of Feroza Stone in Pakistan

There are countless factors that make feroza unique and widely known. Feroza is believed to bring

  • Happiness,
  •  Calmness, and
  •  Serenity in life.
  •  It is used as a protection from anger and bad energy.
  •  In earlier times, feroza has been used as a holy stone as well as a symbol of protection on the warriors’ shields in many cultures.
  • It is also said that feroza shows a change in color to indicate good and bad omen.
  • It is considered to help in
  • Overcoming stress,
  •  Tension, and
  • Nervousness.


Feroza Stone in Pakistan can be wear on specific days or on a special day. Feroza stone is called to be the curing gem of understanding and increasing the wearing person warmth and accepted wisdom power. It separates misfortunes and bad luck and gives good results in health, prosperity, perception, reputation, and in well-built point. It increases resourcefulness and personality who wear this stone. mostly it's preferred for those who are seeking marital happiness and for those which are facing a different type of issues related to their engaged life, like marriage has been deferred, etc. all of the people can wear this who want success in their life and career. it's preferred to be worn in right hand in the middle finger and you can wear this after taking bath or after refreshing your self.you also was this in the for, of another jewelry like bracelets and earring, etc. Turquoise wears this stone on very special events and thinks that it gives them the power to attract friends, love, wealth, luck, and relations or to courage to face any type of difficulties. the stone is believed to offer certain health benefits including relieving pain and work against throat, teeth, and lung infections.


A commercial jewelry cleaner is not recommended In order to clean Feroza, it is good to use

  • warm water with a brush.
  •  After cleaning with water, it is important to dry it with a cloth.
  • Polish feroza stone, mainly metal parts and use polishing cloths.

Where feroza stone found

A pure form of feroza stone is found in turkey .that’s why its called turquoise in English. The best quality feroza stone in Pakistan comes from Iran, but it is also found in Mexico, China, North America, Afghanistan, Iran, France, and Afghanistan.